Become a partner for Mantle

Receive real money rewards from creating and sharing Mantle and it’s content with friends and players and participate in exciting exclusive events.

50% Commission

Unlock a universe of exciting cosmetics, mix and match to design your ultimate Minecraft character. Then flex on your friends.


Payouts at Request

Get a payout at your own convenience


Epic Adventures

Discover fun and engaging challenges, to test your Minecraft skills to the max. Do you have what it takes?



Sign into Mantle discord. Create a ticket to check if you meet the eligibility requirements.


Once you’re accepted, you have the opportunity to get your own custom cosmetics.


Get paid upfront for your videos.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I apply?
You can apply on the Mantle discord server. Simply head to the #create-ticket channel and click on 'Media Partner Application' under the 'Select a topic' dropdown.
What are the minimum requirements to become a partner?
To qualify, you must meet the following requirements listed in our partnership guide here:VIEW GUIDE
How will I earn money?
All cosmetics/capes are free. Partners will earn through the advertisements placed inside the Mantle app.
Can I submit my self-designed cosmetics?
If you wish to submit your own custom cosmetics, they will be reviewd and added upon approval from our team.
How do you make money?
There are non intrusive ads in the desktop app that help us fund development and server costs.
To check eligibility requirements or any questions and concerns, join our channel

Click here to join our discord